Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Step by Step... mee siam goreng

24shallots, 3garlics, 30pcs of dried chillies, 2spoonful of dried prawn washed and rinsed

fry the tahu till slightly brown and put aside

saute the blender ingredients and add in 2spoonful of santan kara

3spoonful of taucho rinsed and mashed it and add together with saute ingredients.
Fry the ingredients till fragrant and crispy.

add in the prawn and fry till the prawn is well done

add int the big noodle

mix it well and add in the taugeh in the centre of the noodle and
cover the taugeh with noodle let it simmer for abt 15mins.

add in the fry tahu and mix well the noodle again..

garnish the mee siam with slices of hard boil egg, lime and chives

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