Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mussel cook in sambal

1 box of New Zealand mussel
1 big onions cut in wedges

1 medium bowl of chili paste
1/2 big onion grind into paste(optional)
1tablespoon of shrimp paste or 1 cube of ikan bilis (knorr brand)
1/2 lemon

Heat the frying pan with some oil.
Fried the mussel till almost crispy
and add in the cut onions and saute till the onions is translucent, then
drain the mussel together with onions put on the a plate and put aside.

Using the same frying pan, saute the chili paste and onion paste and the shrimp paste till frangrant and crispy. Squeeze some lemon over it and add some sugar to have some sweetnest to the sambal.

Add in fried mussel and fried onion to the sambal and mix well.

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