Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nasi Goreng Pedas

Nasi Goreng Pedas with .........coffee bought from frementle market in perth
coffee with hazelnut and colombo spice
1very large onion cut into half
2tablespoon of dried shrimp
8fresh red chili
10cili padi
1 cube ikan bilis stock
Blender all the above ingredient till fine
1/2 onion... cut into big slices
some fried salted fish.. finely pound.
some fried fish meat(last nite meal).. finely pound or coarsely(up to you).
1. Add about 4 tablespoon cooking oil to fry the 1/2 onion till translucent or crispy and put aside
2. Saute the blended ingredient till fragrance and crispy, add in some tomato sauce, salt and add in salted fish and fried fish meat.
3. Cook till it well done... push aside the fried ingredient on the side of pan... break in 2 eggs n same time add in sweet sauce and scramble it till cook.
4. Add in white rice... stir well till it thoroughly mix with the fried ingredient and add in the fried onions.

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