Monday, October 12, 2009

Spicy Fried Beehoon

Cook this yesterday evening... the recipe as follows

Soaked one packet of beehoon in container fill with tap water for about for 1 hour
Deshelled the prawn ( i use 1 cup of fresh prawn)
1 cup of beef slice
Wash and cut the green vegetable (i use chye sim)
some beansprout (taugeh)

1. about 5 clove of garlic and 5 shallot ( using the coffee blender to grind till fine).
2. about 1cup chilli paste.
3. Heat the wok with some canola oil and fry the garlic and shallot paste and add in the chilli paste.
4. Fry till the ingredients turn crispy.
5. Add in the 1 cup of beef slice and add half cup of water .. let simmers till the beef is tender and cook.
6. Add in  2tablespoon of tomato sos, 1 tablespoon of mushroom sos,  and some vinegar ( you can use lime)
7. Add in the prawn .. stir for 1 or 2 mins.
8. Add in green vegetable and stir till the vege cook.
9. Add some salt and if you like, you can add some beef stock...
10. Add in the beehoon and stir well till all the ingredients mix well...
11. Make a well in the centre and add in the beansprout and cover it with beehoon. and cover the wok for 2 to 3 mins.

12. Stir again till the beansprout and beehoon well mix.
13. When serving .. add some fried shallot and some green pickles



Oh, Hanni,
Well come back, again, in our company. you were absent to me.
The food is full perfumes, nutritious and tasty.

I like a lot the new style of your blog

Have a nice week

hani said...

Thank you my dearest gasteroplix. Im so happy to be greeted by such a wonderful and beautiful you.

Im sorry for the absent...

navarino-s said...

Hello dear Hani!
Very...very tasty your food!!! We are so far to give me a plate!

Gongratulation for the new look of your blog!!!

hani said...

Hi navarino-s,
Aww you so cute...well, who knows if i ever drop by Greece Int'l Airport.. you will be the first one i hand over you my plate... heheh

Im glad you like my new blog... *wink*

ηλακάτη said...

new looking blog, so nice, so good!!!
I miss your cooking.
Your absence became perceptible,
I hope you' ll be with us more often

hani said...

Hi Distaff,

Nice of you to take notice of me.. sori my friend for my long absent.

Thanks you.. really make my days feeling good. :)

HomeKreation said...

Salam Hani. Lama nya mendiamkan diri. Welcome back & keep in touch....Roz

hani said...

Hi Roz,
thanks for dropping by.. :)