Thursday, April 01, 2010

Homemade beef burger

Simple and quick to make and fast to eat... yummy!
:D :) :D :) :D

I'm posting.. specially to my dear and wonderful friend Navarino-s.. from the beautiful land of Athen.

My beef pattie recipe
500gm of ground beef
1 egg
4 shallots dice
1teaspoon of garlic salt
dash of white and black pepper
 dash of crush red pepper

mix all the above ingredients and shape to round patties
"I love making my pattie thin-crispy"
Heat the pan to medium high.. add the patties and sprinkle with some garlic salt and cook for 6 mins on each side.
Spread mayo on slice bun and place thick slice juicy tomato, pickles, mmm and  the beef patty
dun forget the chili sauce


navarino-s said...

Hi my dear dear friend Hani! of help to us...please!
You love the ...simplicity and you put this perfect and delicious pic without recipe, we are looking this and our ...salivas flow down!!!
Love from Athens!

hani said...

Big hi to you too, Navarino-s! make smile.. hehee
thank you, my friend for your incredible generous compliment hehehee .. I'l be gladly to post this simple recipe.


hani said...

ahh hungry.. beef burger.. GOOD..hehee "love u, baby"

Betty's Cuisine said...

They look absolutely delicious!!!


hani said...

thank you.. dear betty :D

navarino-s said...

Hi again my dearest and ...sweet delicious friend Hani! I'm late and sorry for this.
I am obliged to you for the adding in the post...special recipe for me!
I thank you Hani ....very very much!
I never forget this!

hani said...

Im truly happy ..sharing with you, navarino-s. You make me SMILE WIDE heheee..