Monday, October 18, 2010

My Simple ..Beef Short Ribs


Marinate 6 pcs of beef  short ribs  with dry mexican spices (or you can use dry chili powder, salt and black pepper) .. leave to marinate for 1hr and pan* fry for 3mins on each side. Remove the ribs and put aside.

Using the same pan* .. fry diced beef bacon and dice onion (1 onion) and garlic (2 cloves gralic) till crispy.
and pour over this into the slow cook and place the beef short rib over the bacon and onion.

In a bowl add about 2 cup of tomato sauce, hot dry chili powder,1 cup of water, some  worcestershire sauce, some mushroom sauce, some sweet black sauce and squeeze some lemon , some brown sugar,salt and pepper leave on high for 5 hours and later low till the ribs tender.

Once the ribs become tender... remove the ribs and put aside.  On the frying pan .. fry some flour and add some olive oil and water... whisk til the flour dissolved and form like bubbly.  Pour this flour mixture into the ribs gravy in the slow cook and stir and Let it simmer...

Grilled the ribs in the toaster... to keep it warm... Serve the ribs with whipped potatoes and cooked peas and generous pour(the sauce) over the riiiibbbsss


navarino-s said...

looks perfect and very very delicious bat dear Hani use a lot kinds of sauce and other materials so difficult to me. I think this recipe needs diploma of ...Harvard University!
You are a cook professor!
Hello from Athens!

hani said...

"wide smiles" thanks navarino-s

LOL !! can't stop giggles at yr comments... Im no cook professor hehehe!