Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my food dishes

beef stew with yellow rice

mushroom beriyani rice
fried quails
fried kyaw teow


navarino-s said...

Dear Hani
Welcome back after a year+. We miss you. I see a baby in the pic and maybe this is the cause for this.

Sorry but must say to you that during the summer i lost my wife Eleni from cancer and i am very sad: http://navarino-s.blogspot.com/2011/06/navarino-s.html

hani said...

Hello navarino-s,
Yes, I have been busy lately, taking care of my 1st born granddaughter and Im now GlamMa hehe (I refuse to use the word grandma hehehe)

Dear friend, I am sorry to hear the loss of your dear wife Eleni. May she rest in peace and loving memory live on. My deepest sympathy. Please dun be sad and take good care of yourself ya :(