Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweet and spicy fried tempeh

Cut the tempeh is thin slices and deep fried till crispy, put aside let it cool down.
Heat the frying pan with 4 tablespoon of cooking oil, when it is hot ..
Add 3 tablespoon of chili paste... stir fry till it turns crispy..
Add 1 teaspoon of vinegar
Add in 2 tablespoon of sugar.. and little salt
Stir fry till the sugar dissolve and off the fire stove and leave till the chilli paste cool down.
Once the chilli paste has cool down ... now we can add in the fried tempeh and mix well.
PS: you can substitute tempeh for ground nut and dried baby anchovy


cook said...

i think i don't know what tempeh is...

hani said...
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Shekeen said...

dah lama shekeen tak singgah blog recepi cik ani, dan dah ada recepi baru lah... masak tempeh pulak tu... mcm cik ani tahu pulak tempeh tu my favourite :-)

hani said...

aah shekeen... cuba la..
nasib baik di sana pun ada tempeh hehehe