Friday, June 12, 2009

My First Award

Thanks to distaff, for passing this award to me. This is my first award ever and I am happy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart... :)

I have been tagged on..
5 things about cooking I like the most. What inspires me to cook.

1) I find pleasure in cooking.
2) I like to see my family happy eating my food.
3) Cooking is a way for me to express myself.
4) Through my cooking I am able to make healthier version of the dishes that I like.
5) I like to cook so that I can blog about it.

My inspiration is a family friend from Amsterdam. He found pleasure
in cooking and I want to be as happy as him through my cooking.

I pass this award to...

1. gasteroplix
chef jeena
Zue Murphy
chef zamri


navarino-s said...

congratulation Hani for the award! you are a good filling person and a high level cook!


congratulations for your award, you deserve it, for your high cooking

I thank you for the reward you gave me, is the fifth for my blog, and I am very cheerful

hani said...

Congratulation to you too... You are such an outstanding person. May God Bless you...

betty said...

Dear Hani, I am also writing in cookthebook blog and i'm sending to you inumerous kisses for congratulations ! :)