Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Pie Tee or Top Hats

Bought this Tee cups at Cold Storage...
1 turnip cut or shredd in thin strips
Heat 2-3 tablespoon of oil and saute the 3cloves of garlic(pounded) and 5shallots(pounded).
Add 2 tablespoon of dried prawn(washed and pounded) and 1 tablespoon of fermented soya bean..optional (using strainer and washed and pounded)
Fry till fragrant.. add in shredded turnip and stir fry again and add a little water.
Simmer over low heat till cooked. Add salt to taste.
Put cooked turnip into a colander.

make a thin omelette and roll it, slice thinly.
1cup of shrimps(boiled and shelled)
peeled cucumber shredd thinly
coriander leaf

Chillies Sauce:
20 fresh chillies(grind to a paste)
2 to 3 cloves garlic(pounded)
4 tablespoon of tomato sauce(ketchup)
some limes juice
some sugar
salt to taste

Fill the Tee cups with the turnip filling and add on with shredded cucumber and eggs.
Fill the top with cooked shrimp and coriander leaves.
Add about 1teaspoon of chillies sauce to the prawn... and

Ps: You can substitute chicken cubes or granules for dried prawn.
You can substitute cooked shredded chicken and cooked minced beef for the shrimps.


TintaCyber/DapurkuBerasap said...

Salam perkenalan...thanks follow me....will link ur blog soon.....Shud try this recipe too...

hani said...

Hi TintaCyber

Nice to know you.. you are welcome to try ...

E-na Zarina said...

waaa banyaknya delicious food kat sini...ur pie tee is so tempting!


so lovely and goog-looking, and so delicious, congratulations dear Hani

many kisses and hugs

hani said...

Salam E-na Zarina,
welcome and thanks

Hi my dear gasteroplix,
thank you soo much...


HomeKreation said...

Salam hani. I love pie tee tapi nak buat cup tu malas ler. Dah >10 thn tak buat, acuan pun dh berkarat.

hani said...

Hi Roz,

nice to hear from you.. tks