Monday, February 15, 2010

Holiday ..simple and fast cooking

lamb kebabs

hubby's plate

plate for my gerl

mixing self raising flour, plain flour into mix vegetable, fresh prawn, slice onions, garlic paste and some chicken granules

scoop a spoonful of the above and fry till crispy

mushroom and black pepper fried rice

salted fish fried rice with slices of beef and chicken sausages

chilli crab


HomeKreation said...

Hi Hani. Your simple food is not simple but sumptous...! I want the kebab & vegetable fritters!

navarino-s said...

Hello Hani!
Very very delicious!
I give you the award: THE BEST COOK OF FAR EAST!!!!!

hani said...

Salam Roz .. and thank you..

ooOh I luv giving you plate of kebabs and veg fritters to you..

Hi Navarino-s
Hello my friend.. How you doing?
thank you so much for the Award.. Im so delighted for the appreciation... :))