Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cencaru Fish(torpedo scud fish) cooked in sambal acar

the recipe
Im using 6 medium sized cencaru fish(torpedo scud fish commonly know as hard tail scud)
Wash the fish in clean running water .
Remove the hard scale .
use scissor to cut the fins and thorns at the belly
Place the fish on a cutting board, insert the sharp knife below the soft part of its belly slice upwards to its gills to cut it open. Use your fingers to remove the guts from the cavity. Discard them and give the fish another wash by rubbing salt and lemons.

Marinate the fish with some turmeric powder and salt.
Fry the fish till done.

Grind two medium sized onion, 2 cloves garlic, 1inch sized ginger, 5 of candle nuts. abt handful of dried chilies(soaked in boiling water till no more wrinkle!!.....toss in the colander, wash under runing water)

Heat the wok with some oil and saute the grinded ingredients till cooked and done.
Add about 2 tablespoon or more of white vinegar
some sugar and salt to taste(hot,sweet n tangy taste).
add about 1/2cup of water,
let it simmers hot and add in the fried cencaru fish
mix well
with white rice... "jemput makan"


Zue Murphy said...

The dried chilli looks so delicious and hot (pedas).

hani said...

Hi Zue Murphy!
Nice to have you here, sis :)
(faham2 la orang melayu ..sukakan yang pedas, saje)

Betty's Cuisine said...

Hi my friend

This is a very tempting recipe!


navarino-s said...

Hi my sweet friend Hani!
Finally the world is very small:
We make here some kinds of fried fishes with the same way: we saute those with tomato onion garlic and vinegar. And we call this way: SAVORI! Is a very delicious food!

hani said...

Hi Betty and Navarino-s,

thank you, my friend..Betty.

Yeah! to navarino-s,
its a small world indeed..we are friends.. far away .. and our cookin have some similarity. Wonderful indeed!

Chef Jeena said...

Gorgeous fish recipe Hani, I love the burgers too yummy! :D


hot delicious and tempty, today i published your recipe black pepper chicken, with link to your blog.
It was so delicious all we love it

hani said...

Hello dear Jeena, aww wonderful of your to drop by ... thank you for the lovely comments.

Warm hugs to gasteroplix ... my dear dear wonderful friends. I have been missing you hehehe.. <3