Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks a million to gasteroplix, the sweet.. friendly and lovely lady from Greece. Its great to receive this "One Lovely Blog Award" from millions mile away........Its a great pleasure to know her....

"The rules are the followings: 1. accept this reward, make a suspension in your blog, with the name of individual that you rewarded, and link in blog
2. Grant this reward in other 15 lovable blogs. Remember to communicate with bloggers and to inform that you selected them for this reward. "
I reward this to the beautiful and lovable sites, following are....
I am honoured to receive this Award but its unfortunate that I can only pass to 12 others bloggers


ηλακάτη said...

dear Hani, thank you, for the award, I'm very glad, you are so sweet person

hana said...

salam k.hani..
tQ yer 4 d award! sgt2 menghargainya! tQ so much!! mmuahh!

hani said...

to distaff and hana,

you are most welcomed, my dear. I'm glad that you like it. :)

HomeKreation said...

Dear Hani, Salam kenal & many thanks for the award. Sorry for late response, will display it soon. Hope it is ok for me to link you as a blog friend.

cook said...

dear hani
thank u so much for the award,i'm honoured and really happy to see you like our blog :)
unfortunatelly it took me a long time to get it,as due to health problems i had to be away from the net for sometime
once again thank u so much !